RapidSteam 2000

Don’t Struggle With The Old Iron Or Be At The Mercy Of Your Dhobi - Get Steam Pressed Clothes In Less Than 2 Mins With RapidSteam NOW@FLAT 50% OFF

Everyone hates ironing.

But everyone needs it.

And ironing is a pain! Like it is one electronic products category that had zero innovation or evolution in the last 50 years!

The new ones have a water sprinkler that is actually irritating and come in fancy colours - that’s all. You still have to change heat settings from silk to wool or cotton, change temperature settings on your own, take care that intricate designs and stiching isn’t damaged and that you won’t burn your clothes. It’s 2018! And do we still need to struggle with irons just like our mothers & even grandmothers maybe?

What if there is a solution… one that wouldn’t doesn’t have you bothering about temperature, weight of the iron box or damaging your clothes at all. One that makes ironing your clothes as easy and fast as wearing them….

Introducing RAPIDSTEAM 2000 - India’s First Spill-Free, All Angle Use, Compact Garment Steamer With Nano Polymer Technology

A world class innovation - fast, portable, light and cutting-edge electronic 3D garment steamer. One that’ll steam iron your clothes to perfection in just 2 mins - whether it is an intricate silk sari or a super stiff denim jeans.

Irons Just Can’t Match Up To Rapid Steam

It is honestly an unfair comparison - like racing a vintage jeep against a brand new Tesla car. But nevertheless we still have to do it, because you need to know how easy you life is going to become. In fact not just irons, even the full sized steamers and other cheaper replicas don’t stand a chance and here’s why…

FEATURES Conventional Irons & Others (PUT ALL POINTS IN RED AS CROSS) RapidSteam 2000 - India’s Fastest 3D Garment Steamer!
Heats up in 25secs
Vertical Steaming
Horizonal Steaming
All Angles Steaming
Nano Polymer Filter To Purify Tap Water
Cooling Touch Surface & Handy
3 in 1 Multi Function
Auto Standby Function
Super Dry Steam & No Water Drip
100ml Compact Detachable Tank
1 Year Replacement Warrantly
Instant Heater
Can Use as Facial Steamer
Use on All Fabrics
Automatic Shut Off To Prevent Overheating
24 hrs Online Service Chat Support

Here’s Why Rapid Steam Is So Unique & Best In The market

Truly, there is nothing like RapidSteam 2000 in India right now. Nothing can steam-press your clothes to perfection in just 2 mins! With mind boggling specs like 25 secs to initialize, 10 mins of continuous high-pressure steaming and 100 ML vacuum pressed water container - RapidSteam 2000 is a technology breakthrough that has been loved by top-notch fashion designers, boutique owners and trusted by thousands of modern, young Indians like you! It has got technology that is found in far more expensive garment steamers in the West like a Nano filter that not only cleans and purifies the steam that passes though, but does them same at 20ml/sec which is why you can steam press to perfection in less than 2 mins.

It is just the tech though, the ergonomics are designed to German precision so that it is designed to deliver the best results with minimal stress or effort. It is handy, convenient and light weight to use - helping you press more clothes at a much faster rate. Everything from the soft touch, anti-slip plastics to geometrical nozzles is designed to save money, time and effort so that you can make the most of it. There are very few products that keep customers and their convenience at the heart of design and usability and Rapid Steam is truly one such unique product. This is one of the reasons why it has been such a runaway success with the younger, tech-savvy populace that value their time and money.

  • Heats Up In Just 25 Secs - So that you don’t need to wait all day to start steam pressing like a pro! Saves times & energy too. By the way, there no no Garment Steamer in India or anywhere in the world that’s faster that this today.
  • 3D Steaming - Do it vertically, horizontally or very go round & round, unlike regular irons that don't let you press over embroidery of difficult corners, you can use RapidSteam in all directions!
  • Mobile & Handy - Well, RapisTeam is a tiny power house that you could carry in a pouch or even a handbag. It’s light, portable and easy to use - just another reason why it could be an awesome travel companion. Also, its one of the lightest in the market today.
  • Japanese Nano Polymer Filter - Keep you clothes absolutely stain free when you steam press with water that’s nano purified. For the record, that’s more than the level of purity you get in bottled water. The steam and the super clean water help clear dirt marks and smudge from your clothes while you steam press!
  • Cooling Touch Surface - You won't just save your expensive and delicate clothes from damage and stains, you will never ever burn your hands too as it comes with a Cool Touch Surface that keeps you safe!
  • Zero Water Drip - Unlike most garment steamers that will drip if tilted, Rapid Steam comes with a ZERO DRIP technology that won’t let it leak even if you turn it upside down!
  • Auto Shut-Off - RapidSteam shuts down after 5 mins of idling so that electricity is never wasted. It’s also a great safety feature to have if you’ve kids at home or are forgetful!

Well, now that you know why Rapid Steam is actually a great investment, go ahead and buy with with before the FLAT 50% Off ends.. And it will end real soon as stocks are just flying out of the window!

RapidSteam 2000

Here’s What Happy RapidSteam Users Have Got To Say About It!

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It Cleans & Steam Irons Every Kind Of Cloth

Be it your fancy suit or an expensive saree, the heavy curtains or the stained sofa covers - Rapid Steam irons and also cleans them to be wrinkle-free in a matter of minutes. Its small and handy but the benefits are many!

Perfect For Your Needs!

Whether you are a working woman or a busy traveller, whether you’re a young student in a hostel or a housewife this will suit your needs to perfection. That is what makes Rapid Steam so special - it delivers as per need. Long lasting & stress-free for a housewife, light & compact to pack for a traveller, fast & easy for a working professional and safe & simple for a student.

Here’s Why Rapid Steam Is Worth Your Money & Truly What You Need Right Now!

Dhobi Charges Rs.15 per pair
For A Family Of 3 Rs.45 per day
No. Of Working Days In A Year 260
Consider You Give Only Half Your Clothes To The Dhobi i.e for 130 days Rs5,900 per year
Hassles Of Ironing On Your Own, Delays In Delivery, Travel To Dhobi’s Store, Frustration In Dealing With Damaged Clothes, Burden Of Dependency Limitless
Cost Of Rapid Steam@FLAT 50% OFF Rs.6999/-
Time for Recovery In Comparison To Paying A Dhobi Less Than 2 Years
Life Of RapidSteam Atleast 10 Years

You'll save at least Rs.59,000 by using Rapid Steam. Real money that you’d spend on the dhobi over time. So do the right thing, INVEST in a RAPID STEAM Today!

But that’s just not it - there are more features and benefits in RapidSteam that none of the competition does!

RapidSteam 2000

Using Rapid Steam Is Fast & Easy…

All it takes is just 2 mins to heat up and fully iron a pair of clothes with Rapid Steam 2000.

  • Fill up the detachable container will clean water.
  • Put it back into the steamer and switch on.
  • It’ll get heated and will be steaming in just 25 seconds.
  • Run the steamer over the surface of your clothes and see the magic happen. Whether it’s a super delicate silk shirt or a hard-worn daily wear pair of jeans, Rapid Steam will press it to perfection in less than 2 mins!

Watch Our Demo Video Here


Rapidsteam 2000 promises 100% satisfaction. If in case you aren’t happy with the product you can return the product within 30 days of purchase and claim a FULL REFUND. It is as simple as that. You will be given a complete refund if you are not happy with the product. That’s just how much we trust & believe in our product and also based on the fact that less than 0.07% of buyers have ever asked for a return, which we duly refunded. Just one more reason to try & experience Rapid Steam! So Buy & TRY IT NOW!!!

HURRY!! Only 100 Left In Stock For The Flat 50% Sale

The sales have been phenomenal and this New Year offer was our way of showing love and thanking the thousands of Rapid Steam users who made it one of India’s best selling personal care products. But like all good things, this sale is also limited to only 1000 units and right now we’ve about 100 more to give before the sale closes. So don’t wait till the last date and grab yours today!

BUY NOW & Get Assured Delivery Before April 29, 2019

BUY NOW To Save Rs 7,000/- Limited Period NEW YEAR Offer (Only Till May 08) HURRY!

  • Regular price 9,999 Special 50% Offer Rs. 4,999/- only

  • Easy Returns - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Free Shipping - Cash On Delivery
  • 1 Year Warranty






Rapid Steam Is Safe For Your Clothes & Your Kids Too!

Honestly, there aren’t many electrical appliances that we can call “safe”. But RapidSteam 2000 is one of the very few that is actually safe for you, your kids and your clothes. It comes with a full CE certified circuit, auto switch-off technology and a military grade, fully sealed water tank so that the water never gets in contact with the electricals. Well, that’s good for your clothes but you’ve to be careful before you put your hand in the path of the super hot, nano-filtered steam!


Can RapidSteam be used on something horizontal like an iron without having the water leak or spill out?

Yes, this unit could be used both vertical and horizontal, no water leak or spill out even place upside down.

Does this RapidSteam require distilled water or tap water?

RapidSteam 2000 comes with Nano Filter that purifies any kind of water in order to protect your clothes. You can use regular tap water to fill the steamer.

Is this safe for chiffon and delicate fabrics?

Yes, sure, the steamer is safe for every kinds of fabrics including delicate fabrics and chiffon too.

Will the steamer stop if I forget to switch off?

The steamer would enter standby mode after being kept idle for 5 minutes, and auto reset after a hand wave.

What is the power of this unit?

The power of this steamer is 800-900W

Do you ship to all locations in India?

Yes, we ship to all locations within India.

How long it takes to reach us?

We ship the product within 24 hrs and it will reach you within 1-5 days. 

How long does this steamer take to heat up?

This steamer heat up in only 25 seconds.

Is there a warranty for the product?

Yes, RapidSteam 2000 comes with a One Year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Is RapidSteam available in stores?

To maintain quality and discourage replicas, RapidSteam 2000 is exclusively marketed directly by the company online. You can visit www.rapidSteam2000.com for directly purchasing online.

Is my payment secure when I buy on your site?

Our payment gateway has the highest grade encryption services and secure gateways to protect you online transactions. RapidSteam does not store any of your bank details with itself.

What are the shipping charges on this product?

There are NO shipping charges. We offer FREE SHIPPING to any location within India.

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications