RapidSteam 2000

Get Perfectly Ironed Clothes In Less Than 2 Mins With RapidSteam 2000 - India’s Fastest 3D Garment Steamer NOW@FLAT 50% OFF

RapidSteam 2000 will change the way you think about ironing, change the way you dress and feel like every morning. It is the fastest, easiest and the lightest garment steamer in India today. Loaded with the most hi-tech Japanese Nano technology, premium American design and great reliability- RapidSteam offers 5X more benefits & value than anything else available in the market today. It is also designed to work in all directions; so that you can steam press your party gown or your expensive suit in any direction without worrying about spills, burns or clumsy marks that happen so often with traditional steamers.

RapidSteam 2000

RapidSteam Heats Up In Just 25 Secs & Steams Your Clothes Like Brand New In Just 60 Secs

Truly, there is nothing like RapidSteam 2000 in India right now. Nothing can steam-press your clothes to perfection in just 2 mins! With mind boggling specs like 25 secs to initialise, 10 mins of continuous high-pressure steaming and 100 ML vacuum pressed water container - RapidSteam 2000 is a technology breakthrough that has been loved by top-notch fashion designers, boutique owners and trusted by thousands of modern, young Indians like you!

  • 5X MORE CONVENIENCE: Miniature and lightweight for easy handling, making it portable and extremely convenient for use at home and while traveling The unique design and technology lets you use the steamer in both horizontal and up-right positions, and you can place it on any surface without damaging it.
  • 5X MORE TECH: The Electronic Pump System technology completely eliminates water droplets being spit out with the steam and provides dry and powerful vapor in 25 secs. The Nano Polymer Filter cleans tap water to protect the heating element from hard-water buildup and significantly extends the product’s and your clothes life.
  • 5X QUICKER & POWERFUL: The RapidSteam 2000 MINI heats up within 25 sec. Thanks to the Electronic Pump System, the steam is super dry, continuous and powerful, for fast and seamless steaming that can even remove complex wrinkles. By the way, the 100 ML tank lasts up to 10 min - which would basically mean 2-3 days worth of clothes, steam ironed like new.
  • 5X EASIER: Electronic Pump System completely eliminates spitting water with its dry steam technology! This protects hands and fabric, prevents puddles and spills, and it can be placed on any surface without damaging it.
  • 5X LIGHTER - COMPACT & HANDY: RapidSteam 2000 is the lightest, easiest & the most compact steamer in India today. can even steam horizontally, vertically and in all directions.. Auto protection against overheating and shutdown after 30sec in standby. So comfy that RapidSteam works well as a home garment steamer or portable steamer while traveling.

If it still feels unbelievable for such a tiny, cute little thing to perform so well - we’ve got more proof for you!

RapidSteam 2000

Here’s How RapidSteam 2000 clearly BEATS ALL COMPETITION

FEATURES Philips GC504/35
1600-Watt Garment Steamer
Maharaja Whiteline GS-100
1600-Watt Garment Steamer
RapidSteam 2000 - India’s Fastest 3D Garment Steamer!
Heats up in 25secs
Vertical Steaming
Horizonal Steaming
All Angles Steaming
Nano Polymer Filter To Purify Tap Water
Cooling Touch Surface & Handy
3 in 1 Multi Function
Auto Standby Function
Super Dry Steam & No Water Drip
100ml Compact Detachable Tank
1 Year Replacement Warrantly
Instant Heater
Can Use as Facial Steamer
Use on All Fabrics
Automatic Shut Off To Prevent Overheating
24 hrs Online Service Chat Support

Rapid Steam Is Safe For Your Clothes & Your Kids Too!

Honestly, there aren’t many electrical appliances that we can call “safe”. But RapidSteam 2000 is one of the very few that is actually safe for you, your kids and your clothes. It comes with a full CE certified circuit, auto switch-off technology and a military grade, fully sealed water tank so that the water never gets in contact with the electricals. Well, that’s good for your clothes but you’ve to be careful before you put your hand in the path of the super hot, nano-filtered steam!

Here’s What Happy RapidSteam Users Have Got To Say About It!

"I am an IT employee and have no time for ironing. My dhobi delays delivery every single time. I went to a well-know drycleaner to get my stuff cleaned when I first saw RapidSteam. I was fascinated by it but did not care to ask thinking it is some high-end professional equipment. That is when a cousin shared the link on FB and I was surprised by how value-for-money it was. I booked it and got delivery in 2 days. It is so easy to use and quick that I started ironing my weeks worth of clothes in just 20-30 min."

Suresh Reddy, Hyderabad

"It's such a breeze to use - I did not even no such a thing existed. Got it as a gift and now I’m in love with it. My mom is so happy that I can iron her saris too, little happinesses matter and RapidSteam is one such. A worthy buy!"

Karen Aruna, Bangalore

"It is good, we are using it in all our stores. It is convenient and takes very less time. Efficiency and convenience are very important for us as we have a lot of clothes to iron."

Nadia Zafar, Mumbai


RapidSteam 2000

RapidSteam 2000 Is Tried, Tested & Certified As The Best

It is not just the thousands of happy customers and the great sales we’ve got but also the certifications, assurances and quality control which we have that makes RapidSteam 2000 is a safe, easy, reliable and valuable product for modern Indians like you.

7 Foolproof Reasons Why RapidSteam 2000 Is What You Need Right Now!!!!

  1. Heats up in 20 secs & steams even the hardest of fabrics in less than 1 minute! So you’ve more time to stay in bed, choose your clothes, dress up or just enjoy looking at yourself in the mirror!
  2. As handy and light as a coke can - easy to carry, easier to use! Perfect for business trips, night outs at the friends or even that cousins 3-day long destination wedding!
  3. Value for money - Costs less than your favourite dress but helps in keeping in in top shape for years to come. And by the way, you’ll get your money back in just 2 months of dhobi charges & the peace of not having to deal with your ever-so-late dhobi - priceless.
  4. Safe for your clothes & for you - Doesn’t spill or even spit water onto your fancy clothes and with patented electronic circuits - you will never get a shock, ever - unlike those nasty ones your grandmother's rusted old iron used to. It also has an auto-standby mode that shuts off the power if you don’t use it for 2 mins (unlike regular irons that would burn the house down if left unattended) What's even better is that you can use it in all directions - like a Ninja sword!
  5. Impress your partner, parents or even your kids with store-like ironed clothes - they will love you for it, and it’s super easy with RapidSteam 2000!
  6. Steam clean those dirty daags without ruining your favourite clothes with Nano Steam technology and super-cleaner bristles.
  7. Last but not the least - you don’t have to depend on anybody nor do you have to struggle hard with those wretched, heavy and hot irons to press your clothes. Look good, feel good and make an impression with RapidSteam 2000. It’s as easy and pleasurable as using that warm, nice shower faucet on a cold winter morning.

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A Simple Method To Use This Product-

What you need to do is that-

1. Fill the water in the detachable tank-

It’s just a two minutes process, starting it with by firstly filling the water in the detachable tank. While you take the steam in your esteemed hands, you’ll understand this without any doubt.

2. Fix it in the steamer -

When you fill the tank with water thereafter you have to attach that tank very gently and safely, you need to fix that properly.

3. Power on the device-

Thereafter, you do ON the switch.

4. Device gets ready in 25 secs-

It start heating automatically while you switch ON the board.

5. Final Step-

Touch the fabric and give little pressure and do streaming .


Can RapidSteam be used on something horizontal like an iron without having the water leak or spill out?

Yes, this unit could be used both vertical and horizontal, no water leak or spill out even place upside down.

Does this RapidSteam require distilled water or tap water?

RapidSteam 2000 comes with Nano Filter that purifies any kind of water in order to protect your clothes. You can use regular tap water to fill the steamer.

Is this safe for chiffon and delicate fabrics?

Yes, sure, the steamer is safe for every kinds of fabrics including delicate fabrics and chiffon too.

Will the steamer stop if I forget to switch off?

The steamer would enter standby mode after being kept idle for 5 minutes, and auto reset after a hand wave.

What is the power of this unit?

The power of this steamer is 800-900W

Do you ship to all locations in India?

Yes, we ship to all locations within India.

How long it takes to reach us?

We ship the product within 24 hrs and it will reach you within 1-5 days. 

How long does this steamer take to heat up?

This steamer heat up in only 25 seconds.

Is there a warranty for the product?

Yes, RapidSteam 2000 comes with a One Year warranty against any manufacturing defects.

Is RapidSteam available in stores?

To maintain quality and discourage replicas, RapidSteam 2000 is exclusively marketed directly by the company online. You can visit www.rapidSteam2000.com for directly purchasing online.

Is my payment secure when I buy on your site?

Our payment gateway has the highest grade encryption services and secure gateways to protect you online transactions. RapidSteam does not store any of your bank details with itself.

What are the shipping charges on this product?

There are NO shipping charges. We offer FREE SHIPPING to any location within India.